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Strategies for Mathematics Instruction and Intervention, K–5

Build a solid mathematics program by emphasizing prioritized learning goals and integrating RTI into your curriculum. Prepare students to move forward in mathematics learning, and ensure their continued growth in critical thinking and problem solving. With this book, you'll discover an RTI model that provides the mathematics instruction, assessment, and intervention strategies necessary to meet the complex, diverse needs of students.


  • Understand how teaching prioritized standards helps students become college and career ready and able to retain mathematics knowledge.
  • Gain strategies to build the RTI framework into your mathematics program.
  • Learn to teach mathematics in a way that helps learners gain conceptual understanding, procedural competency, and the ability to apply mathematics knowledge.
  • Discover how to create assessments for determining students' difficulties and appropriate supplemental interventions.
  • Access reproducible tools to support your mathematics program.

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Strategies for Mathematics Instruction and Intervention, K–5

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Introduction: The Rationale for 21st Century Mathematics
Chapter 1: Prioritized Content in Mathematics
Chapter 2: Designing Conceptual Units in Mathematics
Chapter 3: Understanding the Prioritized Standards
Chapter 4: Instructional Practices for Application-Based Mathematical Learning
Chapter 5: Integrating Assessment and Intervention
Epilogue: The Promise and Possibility of Improved Mathematics Learning