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Five Disciplines of PLC Leaders

Outstanding leadership in a professional learning community requires practice and patience. Simply trying harder will not yield results; leaders must proactively train to get better at the skills that matter. This book offers a framework to focus time, energy, and effort on five key disciplines. Included are reflection exercises to help readers find their own path toward effective PLC leadership.


  • Help other educators clarify their personal vision for the PLC and align daily practices with their goals.
  • Explore strategies for cultivating individual and team-level autonomy within a culture of accountability and high expectations.
  • Learn how to create a culture of service that begins with the leader.
  • Understand how to lead a balanced work life that energizes yourself and others.
  • Foster networks of commitment within the community.

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The Five Disciplines of PLC Leaders

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Introduction: Professional Learning Community Leadership: Disciplined Leaders Required
Chapter 1: The Discipline of Vision and Values
Chapter 2: The Discipline of Accountability and Celebration
Chapter 3: The Discipline of Service and Sharing
Chapter 4: The Discipline of Reflection and Balance
Chapter 5: The Discipline of Inspiration and Influence
Epilogue: The Professional Learning Community as a School Movement


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5