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How to Develop PLCs for Singletons and Small Schools

Ensure singleton teachers feel integrally involved in the PLC process. With this user-friendly guide, you'll discover how small schools, full of singleton teachers who are the only ones in their schools teaching their subject areas, can build successful PLCs. Explore five methods for structuring PLC teams to better involve singletons, and read examples that highlight how real schools have made collaboration possible.


  • Learn what it means to practice "collaboration lite.”
  • Discover scenarios, principles, opportunities, challenges, and recommendations for including singletons in PLCs.
  • Review specific ways that teams can help singletons and small teams be active participants in the PLC process.
  • Learn the steps for creating vertical, interdisciplinary, and virtual teams.
  • Read sample dialogues and tips for how to state intentions related to building PLC teams and including singletons in the process.

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Chapter 1: Vertical Teams
Chapter 2: Interdisciplinary Teams
Chapter 3: Singletons Who Support
Chapter 4: Virtual Teams
Chapter 5: Structural Change