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How to Leverage PLCs for School Improvement

Spark a culture of success. Building a professional learning community that fosters collaboration and collective responsibility can create lasting change and improve student learning schoolwide. Investigate the five challenges to school improvement, and uncover research-based strategies to confront them. Read a true account of a school that experienced reform, reversed its culture of failure, and reaped lasting results.


  • Learn about possible team configurations and what a learning-focused culture requires.
  • Prioritize the most essential standards for students, and unpack the learning targets.
  • Answer reflection questions following each chapter, and consider next steps.
  • Discover what remediation should occur in elementary school, middle school, and high school.
  • Consider the qualities that school leaders should possess.

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How to Leverage PLCs for School Improvement

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Chapter 1: First Challenge—Creating a Culture of Success
Chapter 2: Second Challenge—Engaging in the Right Work
Chapter 3: Third Challenge—Shifting From All to Each
Chapter 4: Fourth Challenge—Developing Leadership for Learning
Chapter 5: Fifth Challenge—Engaging Students in Owning Their Learning


Chapter 2

Chapter 3