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Kid by Kid, Skill by Skill

Teaching in a Professional Learning Community at Work™

Written for all educators, this book explores professional learning communities from a teacher's perspective. Focused chapters survey effective and collaborative team actions, instructional practices that enhance teacher efficiency, and the role teacher judgment and classroom context play in determining instructional outcomes. The authors show that shifting teachers' focus from teaching to learning creates a lasting commitment to PLC success.


  • Understand the positive effect the PLC at Work™ process has on improving school culture, staff morale, and student achievement.
  • Use collaborative teams to boost teacher and student expectations and foster an environment that promotes higher-level learning for all students.
  • Explore how teachers' continued learning positively influences student learning.
  • Learn strategies to engage students and assess their progress.
  • Explore the challenges—and ultimate failure—of school improvement efforts in traditional schools, and realize how PLCs overcome these challenges.

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Kid by Kid, Skill by Skill

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Chapter 1: Looking Inside a Professional Learning Community
Chapter 2: Being a Teacher in a Professional Learning Community
Chapter 3: Working in Collaborative Teams
Chapter 4: Using the Effective Teacher's Toolbox
Chapter 5: Managing Classroom Behavior
Chapter 6: Teaching in a Results-Oriented Culture
Epilogue: Tying It All Together: Imagine Teaching in This School
Appendix: Examples of the Work of Teams