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Learning by Doing

A Handbook for Professional Learning Communities at Work™

Through continuous work with educators, the authors have created a more powerful, practical resource for moving forward in the PLC process. This book is an action guide for closing the knowing-doing gap and transforming schools into PLCs. It also includes seven major additions that equip educators with essential tools for confronting challenges.


  • Build a shared knowledge of critical vocabulary and the concepts underlying key PLC terms.
  • Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools necessary to model effective reciprocal accountability.
  • Make honest assessments of your school by examining conventional practices from a fresh, critical perspective.
  • Learn about the critical role central office educators have in the PLC process.
  • Take immediate and specific steps to close the knowing-doing gap.
  • Move beyond planning, and start doing.

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Learning by Doing

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Chapter 1: A Guide to Action for Professional Learning Communities at Work
Chapter 2: A Clear and Compelling Purpose
Chapter 3: Creating a Focus on Learning
Chapter 4: How Will We Respond When Some Students Don't Learn?
Chapter 5: Building the Collaborative Culture of a Professional Learning Community
Chapter 6: Creating a Results Orientation in a Professional Learning Community
Chapter 7: Using Relevant Information to Improve Results
Chapter 8: Implementing the PLC Process Districtwide
Chapter 9: Consensus and Conflict in a Professional Learning Community
Chapter 10: The Complex Challenge of Creating Professional Learning Communities


Getting Started

What the Research Says

Part Six: Questions to Guide the Work of Your Professional Learning Community

The Professional Learning Communities at Work™ Continuum

Where Do We Go From Here? Worksheets