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Professional Learning Communities at Work™ and Virtual Collaboration

On the Tipping Point of Transformation

Now is the time to transform education! By combining the capacities of the PLC at Work™ process and powerful technology tools, teams of educators can meaningfully modify teaching and learning. Realize the potential of virtual collaboration to support the PLC process, and discover research-based strategies collaborative teams can implement to meet contemporary challenges and reach sustained levels of deeper learning.


  • Learn about the three strategic levels for organizing virtual teams, and consider the 10 dimensions for engineering a strategic e-connection.
  • Gain insights on how to organize virtual and face-to-face teaming in order to bolster success.
  • Examine an example case scenario in which a high school successfully uses technology to implement the PLC at Work™ process.
  • Study the elements of effective leadership in collaborative teams and approaches that can help put these keys into action.
  • Reference a comprehensive glossary of PLC and virtual collaboration terms and a list of websites to help support virtual teamwork.

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Professional Learning Communities at Work™ and Virtual Collaboration

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Chapter 1: Examining the Past to Understand the Present
Chapter 2: Focusing on the Right Work
Chapter 3: Organizing Virtual Connections
Chapter 4: Strategizing for e-Collaboration
Chapter 5: Enhancing Learning With e-Acceleration
Chapter 6: Improving School-Based Teams With Virtual Teams
Chapter 7: Virtual Teaming: A Case Scenario
Chapter 8: Leading School-Based and Virtual Teams
Chapter 9: Reaching the Tipping Point
Appendix: Reproducibles