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The School Leader's Guide to Professional Learning Communities at Work™

Are you a K–8 principal ready to implement the PLC at Work™ process? Two experienced practitioners show you how to explore the critical components needed to lay the foundation of a PLC, including how to develop a structure that supports collaborative teams, how to focus on effective monitoring strategies, how to reflect on your communication effectiveness, and more.


  • Learn specific, research-based, and actionable steps to develop and lead a PLC.
  • Focus on the role of the principal in a PLC.

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The School Leader's Guide to Professional Learning Communities at Wor

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Chapter 1: Getting Started
Chapter 2: Creating the Structures for Collaboration
Chapter 3: Transforming Groups Into High-Performing Teams
Chapter 4: Focusing on the Right Work
Chapter 5: Demonstrating Reciprocal Accountability in a Professional Learning Community
Chapter 6: Establishing a Focus on Results
Chapter 7: Responding When Students Don't Learn
Chapter 8: Communicating Purpose and Priorities
Chapter 9: Sustaining School Improvement
Chapter 10: Fostering Collective Efficacy