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How to Launch PLCs in Your District

Transform your district with thriving professional learning communities. Implementing high-performing PLCs can enhance educators’ outlooks and dramatically improve learning for all students. With this user-friendly guide, your team will discover practical, research-based strategies for committing to districtwide PLC implementation, navigating challenges along the way, and ensuring sustainable practices are in place for far-reaching, lasting results.


  • Discover how Sanger Unified School District successfully implemented PLCs.
  • Consider the elements for successful member selection for your district’s guiding coalition.
  • Explore the 18 critical issues for successful PLC implementation.
  • Review optional PLC implementation kick-off steps and common PLC implementation models.
  • Understand rubrics’ strengths and weaknesses for district and site leadership uses.

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How to Launch PLCs in Your District

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Chapter 1: Developing a District Guiding Coalition and Common Language
Chapter 2: Empowering Site Leadership Through Staff Development and Training
Chapter 3: Monitoring to Sustain Momentum
Chapter 4: Ensuring Sustainability Through Ongoing Commitment and Implementation


Sample Rubrics

Sample Surveys


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