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Responding to the Every Student Succeeds Act With the PLC at Work™ Process

The authors of this book showcase how to make the most of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) by fully committing to the PLC at Work™ process. Learn how professional learning communities (PLCs) can be integrated with the ESSA education bill to improve student learning.


  • Gain a brief history of United States education.
  • Assess what roles federal and state governments play in K–12 education with the adoption of ESSA.
  • Understand the importance of using the PLC at Work™ process to respond to ESSA.
  • Review the strategies and mindsets teachers, district leaders, and states should implement to enhance student learning.
  • Consider the right work PLC schools at any level should engage in to support student and adult learning.
  • Study indicators of school-level accountability and system accountability, as well as an accountability framework states should use to promote school improvement and success.

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Responding to the Every Student Succeeds Act With the PLC at Work™ Process

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Chapter 1: A Brief History of Education Oversight in the United States
Chapter 2: The Passage of ESSA
Chapter 3: How States Can Respond to ESSA
Chapter 4: One School’s Response to ESSA
Chapter 5: A View From the District
Chapter 6: How States Can Transform Opportunity Into Action
Chapter 7: The Path Ahead for ESSA
Epilogue: What to Do Now
Appendix A: Sample School-Level Accountability Indicators
Appendix B: Sample System-Level Accountability Indicators