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Beyond the RTI Pyramid

Solutions for the First Years of Implementation

This book helps schools deepen the RTI experience by extending the processes beyond initial implementation. Examples from real schools show how to apply RTI in reading, math, and behavior at elementary and secondary schools. All critical stakeholders in the school community will get a clear sense of their contribution to successful implementation.


  • Review research and case studies of implementation challenges and solutions from real schools.
  • Understand the supporting role of a school-based task force, and get a planning tool to guide faculty discussions.
  • Find possible resources for time and personnel to support RTI implementation.
  • Learn how to implement RTI across content areas.
  • Discover how to use RTI in middle and high schools.
  • Explore the changing roles of special education teachers, speech language pathologists, school psychologists, and mentors.

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Beyond the RTI Pyramid

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Chapter 1: Beyond the RTI Pyramid
Chapter 2: RTI Planning and Implementation for the Early Years
Chapter 3: Teacher Time and Resources for RTI
Chapter 4: The RTI Process in Mathematics
Chapter 5: The RTI Process and Behavior Problems
Chapter 6: RTI in Middle and High Schools
Chapter 7: Speech Pathologists, Psychologists, and Special Educators: Changing Roles in RTI
Appendix A: Reproducibles
Appendix B: Web-Based Resources to Support RTI Implementation