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RTI in Middle and High Schools

Perhaps more than any other single initiative, response to intervention is likely to restructure how middle and high school teachers teach in a very profound way. This timely and targeted resource discusses the innovations of RTI, differentiated instruction, and instructional technologies. Based on numerous real-world case studies, this book explores solutions for the complex challenges the RTI implementation process brings.


  • Gain multiple strategies and processes designed to bring coherence and measurement to instructional planning.
  • Learn five effective guidelines for total system improvement.
  • Understand a SMART process for professional learning.
  • Get practical tools for sustained focus throughout professional development.

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RTI in Middle and High Schools

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Chapter 1: Response to Intervention: A Catalyst for Change
Chapter 2: Existing RTI Structures in Middle and High Schools
Chapter 3: Differentiated Instruction in High School and Middle School Classes
Chapter 4: Developing Tier 1 Differentiated Instructional Lessons for Middle and High School Classes
Chapter 5: Supporting RTI and Differentiated Instruction With Modern Instructional Technologies
Chapter 6: RTI and Differentiation in Reading
Chapter 7: RTI and Differentiation in Writing
Chapter 8: RTI and Differentiation in Mathematics
Epilogue: Moving Into RTI and Differentiated Instruction



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