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Effective Program Evaluation

Educators are increasingly coming to realize the importance of making decisions based on reliable, accurate data. This short guide provides a blueprint for evaluating academic programs, practices, or strategies within a simple, effective framework. It includes a step-by-step walkthrough of the program evaluation cycle and an appendix that explains vital concepts and vocabulary in accessible language.


  • Learn how to select data-collection strategies that will yield the most useful data.
  • Determine how well a program is aligned with standards and meeting learning goals.
  • Gain strategies to understand a program or instructional strategy’s strengths, and identify ways to address its weaknesses.
  • Explore how to include a variety of stakeholders in the program evaluation process, ensuring transparency and collaboration throughout.

Effective Program Evaluation


Chapter 1: Defining Program Evaluation
Chapter 2: Creating and Completing a Program Evaluation Blueprint
Chapter 3: Gathering Data
Chapter 4: Analyzing the Data
Chapter 5: Using the Results of the Program Evaluation
Chapter 6: Communicating Results
Chapter 7: Looking Back and Planning Forward
Appendix: The Vocabulary of Program Evaluation