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The High-Performing School

Benchmarking the 10 Indicators of Effectiveness

Get three books in one! First, learn what research has identified as the 10 indicators of high-performing schools. Then, use rubrics to track how closely your school reflects those practices and learn what you can do to improve. Finally, use tools and strategies to create buy-in and involve all stakeholders, as well as monitor and report progress along the way.


  • Review up-to-date summaries of research on the characteristics and practices of effective schools.
  • Learn how to use rubrics for determining the degree of a school's effectiveness.
  • Gain step-by-step instructions for planning and conducting or undergoing an on-site school review.

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The High-Performing School

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Introduction: Knowing What to Do
Chapter 1: Effectiveness Indicator 1: Written Curriculum
Chapter 2: Effectiveness Indicator 2: Instructional Program
Chapter 3: Effectiveness Indicator 3: Student Assessment
Chapter 4: Effectiveness Indicator 4: School Leadership
Chapter 5: Effectiveness Indicator 5: Strategic Planning
Chapter 6: Effectiveness Indicator 6: Professional Development
Chapter 7: Effectiveness Indicator 7: Student Connectedness, Engagement, and Readiness
Chapter 8: Effectiveness Indicator 8: School Environment
Chapter 9: Effectiveness Indicator 9: Family and Community Involvement
Chapter 10: Effectiveness Indicator 10: District Support Chapter 11: Leading the Way
Chapter 12: Preparing for the On-Site Visit
Chapter 13: Examining Data and Other Documents
Chapter 14: The Process: How to Conduct a Research-Based On-Site School Review
Chapter 15: Communicating Results
Chapter 16: Now What? Strategic Planning and Professional Development
Conclusion: Sustaining and Nurturing a Student-Focused School
Appendix: Selected Tools