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Critical Conversations in Co-Teaching

A Problem-Solving Approach

In this practitioner’s guide to building a quality collaborative relationship through critical conversations, the authors explain three co-teaching models and how co-teaching fits within school improvement initiatives. Next, they present the critical conversations framework designed to foster dramatic improvements in the way educators communicate with their colleagues. The authors use practical examples and real-life stories to show how co-teaching strategies make a positive difference for students.


  • Follow step-by-step instructions for the activities and conversations within the framework, along with reproducible materials available online.
  • Apply the critical conversations matrix to particular activities within the framework, based on the focus questions and anticipated outcomes.
  • Align efforts with several school improvement initiatives, including response to intervention, professional learning communities, differentiated instruction, and universal design for learning.
  • Ensure that all professionals involved are sharing their knowledge, skills, and talents to benefit all students.

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Critical Conversations in Co-Teaching

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Chapter 1: An Opening Invitation to Co-Teaching Conversations
Chapter 2: Co-Teaching Models
Chapter 3: The Critical Conversations in Co-Teaching Framework
Chapter 4: Critical Conversations in Action
Chapter 5: Expanding Co-Teaching Conversations
Chapter 6: Critical Conversations Protocols: Set 1–Engage Partners
Chapter 7: Critical Conversations Protocols: Set 2–Examine Data
Chapter 8: Critical Conversations Protocols: Set 3–Enhance Instruction
Chapter 9: Critical Conversations Protocols: Set 4–Expand Impact