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The General Education Teacher’s Guide to Autism

Essential Answers to Key Questions

Find the answers to all your autism-related questions in this informative, dynamic resource. Collect practical strategies to help you address the common challenges facing these neurodiverse students in an inclusive environment while also learning to celebrate the unique strengths and perspectives these students bring to the classroom.


  • Learn to ease the anxieties that are present among students on the autism spectrum.
  • Discover ways to address executive function challenges that can contribute to disorganization, impulsivity, and learning difficulties.
  • Collect practical strategies for easing sensory stress in the classroom.
  • Gather strategies for capturing engagement and helping students assimilate knowledge in meaningful ways.
  • Understand speech, language, and socialization patterns and gather strategies for facilitating effective interaction.
  • Learn to decode disruptive behaviors and respond to them in differentiated ways that yield lasting change.
  • Cultivate ways to develop a classroom community that celebrates and embraces all kinds of diversity.
  • Explore the perspectives of parents and guardians of students on the spectrum to facilitate powerful partnerships and optimize outcomes for students.

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The General Education Teacher’s Guide to Autism

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Chapter 1: Autism Overview
Chapter 2: Anxiety
Chapter 3: Executive Function
Chapter 4: Sensation
Chapter 5: Communication and Socialization
Chapter 6: Engagement and Cognitive Processing
Chapter 7: Disruptive Behavior
Chapter 8: Parents and Guardians





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Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 8