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Motivating Students Who Don’t Care, Second Edition

Proven Strategies to Engage All Learners

In the second edition of this valuable resource, Allen Mendler offers specific, practical strategies on how to reignite enthusiasm in even the most unmotivated students. Learn classroom and behavior management strategies that will help support struggling students and build positive teacher-student relationships.


  • Understand why students might be unmotivated in class and learn how to boost student engagement.
  • Examine the beliefs and five key processes for guiding and inspiring unmotivated students.
  • Learn about the importance of emphasizing effort in the classroom.
  • Learn how to build strong, trusting teacher-student relationships.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Emphasize Effort
Chapter 2: Create Confidence and Hope
Chapter 3: Value Involvement and Influence
Chapter 4: Build Relationships
Chapter 5: Spark Enthusiasm for Learning
Epilogue: Don’t Give Up!




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