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Triage Your School

A Physician's Guide to Preventing Teacher Burnout

Author Christopher Jenson writes, “Often we’re lulled into believing we’ve fixed a deep-seated issue when all we did was resolve surface-level issues.” This book is your guide for going deep, with five action items to navigate your work demands, next steps for implementation, and tools for classrooms.


  • Learn why self-care practices alone aren’t solving the educator burnout crisis.
  • Focus on five action items that mitigate the driving forces behind most cases of teacher burnout.
  • Reconnect with their passion as educators while creating appropriate boundaries and acknowledging limits.
  • Explore and implement a triage process to manage an ever-expanding workflow.
  • Be guided with next steps and receive tools to implement in classrooms.
  • Be prepared to acknowledge and respond to serious challenges, like the youth mental health crisis, which requires intentional care.

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Triage Your School

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Chapter 1: Exploring Career Burnout
Chapter 2: Understanding Why Self-Care Is Not Enough
Chapter 3: Action Item One: Effectively Triaging Responsibilities
Chapter 4: Action Item Two: Leveraging Shared Workflow
Chapter 5: Action Item Three: Allocating Energy for Impact
Chapter 6: Action Item Four: Negotiating Work Demands
Chapter 7: Action Item Five: Realigning Work With Passion
Conclusion: Making Your Next Move
Appendix: Tools for the Classroom


Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7