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Connected Classrooms

A People-Centered Approach for Online, Blended, and In-Person Learning

Embrace the unique opportunity of online and blended learning. Get a solid understanding on how to execute in-person and online relationships with students and coworkers to attain a positive learning environment that supports social-emotional learning.


  • Understand why relationship building is fundamental to student success and gain best practices for establishing this foundation.
  • Discover new blended, online, and in-person strategies for strengthening connections with your diverse students.
  • Gain strategies for offering instruction that is affirming, representative of our diverse world, and rooted in equity.
  • Be empowered to think critically about and to change systems currently in place that limit students’ ability to connect and thrive.
  • Choose strategies that fit your teaching style from the myriad of vibrant experiences contributed by educators around the world.

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Connected Classrooms

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Preface: Our Journeys to Blended Education
Introduction: People-Centered Approaches to Teaching
Part I: Reimagining the Online Classroom
Chapter 1: Reimagining School as a Community Project
Chapter 2: Cultivating Strengths-Based Approaches for Inclusion, Support, and Counseling
Chapter 3: Fostering Relationships Through Connection-Based Feedback
Part II: Ensuring Equity and Inclusion in the Online Classroom
Chapter 4: Centering Student Stories
Chapter 5: Honoring Multilingual and Multicultural Learners
Chapter 6: Leveraging Opportunities for Gifted and Talented Students
Appendix: Focus Group Transcript



Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6



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