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Mobile Learning Devices

Do you share doubts with parents about the use of mobile learning devices (MLDs) in the classroom? Learn exactly what mobile learning is, how to introduce MLDs into your school, and how to ensure that teachers and students use them appropriately to enhance 21st century learning. Logistical implementation tips and examples of effective lesson plans are included.


  • Understand how mobile learning and technology can be safely and effectively used in schools.
  • Leverage mobile learning and technology in schools.
  • Increase student motivation and achievement with research-based instructional strategies.
  • Incorporate the use of MLDs with complete reproducible lessons plans.

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Mobile Learning Devices

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Chapter 1: Learning Every Time, Everywhere
Chapter 2: Mobile Learning Technology and Instruction
Chapter 3: Mobile Technology Integration
Chapter 4: Strategies for Getting Started
Chapter 5: Nine Common MLDs That Support Instruction
Chapter 6: Implications of Mobile Learning