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  • Receive live online coaching from certified experts.

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Provide job-embedded PD by giving teachers access to the largest library of PLC videos and books in the world. Videos are less than 20 minutes, and books can be browsed by chapter to accommodate your team's busy schedules. Teachers can refresh their knowledge of PLCs from experts like Richard DuFour, Rebecca DuFour, Robert Eaker, Mike Mattos, and others. Watch select videos >>

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Gain professional development that is personalized to your needs. Use our self-paced Mini-Courses to demonstrate competency in common formative assessment, intervention, school improvement, and other key skill areas.

  • New courses are added throughout the year.
  • Each expert-approved course is composed of a collection of videos and a series of quizzes that delve into the topics that matter the most to you.
  • Enroll in individual courses or get the full suite with a Global PD Library subscription.

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Equip the teachers in your school with the skills and knowledge to ensure all students learn at high levels. With a school site license of five seats or more, you can give your educators goals-oriented training from acclaimed experts. For the best value, secure a site license of 40 seats or more and enjoy additional savings.

Benefits of a school site license:

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  • Share, post, and comment on content to help collaborate and map to your professional learning goals.
  • As an administrator, access reports that track the team’s progress and completion of videos and Mini-Courses.
  • Assign pre and post work for your PD days with our selection of professional development videos, therefore spending the time together in a more interactive teamwork environment.

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The Global PD Facilitator’s Guides contain everything you need to run your own effective professional development sessions using expert videos, handouts, and activities. Designed to be used with the Global PD Library, each facilitator's guide will help you create a comprehensive learning infrastructure to address priorities and build collective capacity for continuous improvement.

Collaborative Teams in a PLC at Work Facilitators Guide cover

Collaborative Teams in a PLC at Work® Facilitator's Guide

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Common Formative Assessment Facilitator's Guide

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Use Global PD to receive live online coaching from PLC at Work® certified experts. With guidance and support from proven thought leaders, you can successfully build a professional learning community where key practices and strategies are embedded in your school culture.

Popular Coaching Topics

  • Establishing Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals
  • Building Consensus
  • Grading and Homework Practices
  • Addressing Resistance
  • Building Systems of Intervention or Enrichment
  • Sharing and Acting on Data
  • Establishing Common Formative Assessments
  • Establishing Essential Learning Standards
  • Building a Collaborative Culture

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