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The 4 Dimensions of Educator Wellness

Understand how physical wellness directly benefits the other 3 dimensions.

Focus on positive decision-making to help reduce stress.

Build awareness, understanding, and mindfulness routines.

Experience the rewards of improved professional relationships.

Better educator wellness benefits student achievement, too

Educator well-being affects everyone in a school community. Wellness Solutions for Educators™ provides meaningful, reflective, and supportive strategies designed to help strengthen your work-life balance and increase efficacy.

Developed by award-winning educators Timothy D. Kanold and Tina H. Boogren, Wellness Solutions for Educators is deeply rooted in research and offers a complete, sustainable solution to benefit teachers and administrators at all levels.

The Framework

The Wellness Solutions for Educators framework is built on the 4 Dimensions of Professional Wellness: physical, mental, emotional, and social. Within each dimension are three corresponding routines aimed at supporting and improving teachers’ efficacy and overall well-being.

Dimension 1: Physical Wellness—Focuses on food, movement, and sleep routines. Improvement in these areas directly and significantly benefits the other three dimensions.

Dimension 2: Mental Wellness—Focuses on decision, balance, and efficacy routines. Our high-energy profession requires that we bring our best mental selves to work each day.

Dimension 3: Emotional Wellness—Focuses on awareness, understanding, and mindfulness routines. Learning to respond rather than react to negative emotions is key to maintaining a positive emotional state.

Dimension 4: Social Wellness—Focuses on relationship, trust, and purpose routines. Mindful improvement of relationship skills and routines is at the heart of expanding your desired impact as an educator.

The Wellness Solutions for Educators framework represents a continuum of progress—an active and ongoing process toward achieving a positive state of professional wellness that benefits you, your students, and your colleagues.

Meet the Creators of Wellness Solutions for Educators

Tina H. Boogren

Tina H. Boogren

Tina H. Boogren, PhD, is a fierce advocate for educators, particularly for their well-being. She is the author of numerous books centered around her passion areas of quality instruction, coaching, mentoring, and wellness.

Timothy D. Kanold

Timothy D. Kanold

Timothy D. Kanold, PhD, an award-winning educator and author, is former superintendent of Adlai E. Stevenson High School District 125, a Model PLC at Work® district in Lincolnshire, Illinois.

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