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The Handbook for Collaborative Common Assessments

Tools for Design, Delivery, and Data Analysis

By: Cassandra Erkens

A companion to Collaborative Common Assessments, this practical handbook presents measures for improving your collaborative common assessment process. Evaluate your common assessments’ ability to provide actionable insights into student learning and success.

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Practical measures for improving your collaborative common assessment process

When educators participate fully in the consistent and systematic collaborative common assessment process, teachers, learners, and schools all thrive. A companion to the assessment book Collaborative Common Assessments by Cassandra Erkens, this practical handbook presents measures teams can take to improve their collaborative common assessments. Each chapter features reflection questions as well as tools and protocols for implementing each phase of the process.

Use this practical assessment book to improve your collaborative common assessment process:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the collaborative assessment process.
  • Discover how to ensure the accuracy and reliability of assessments and analyze student data gained from collaborative common assessments.
  • Identify student misconceptions in the classroom to better plan educational interventions and collaborative instruction.
  • Answer reflection questions to ensure collaborative teams are concentrating on the right work.

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Product Code: BKF716, EKF323

ISBN: 9781942496861

Published By: Solution Tree

Page Count: 264

“In her new book, The Handbook for Collaborative Common Assessments, Cassie Erkens takes a deep dive into the practices, protocols, and ideas she laid out in her first book on collaborative assessments. This handbook is chock full of resources, templates, and examples from practitioners that high-performing teams can use to ensure they are helping all students learn at high levels as they design and use assessments effectively.”

Chris Jakicic, educational author and consultant