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Heroes Within

A Framework for Empowering Students to Own Their Learning Journeys

By: Aaron Hansen

Help disengaged students or those stuck in a fixed mindset overcome fear of failure, set goals, face challenges, and experience incremental success through the hero-maker framework from nationally recognized author and speaker Aaron Hansen. Discover strategies to help students embrace active learning with a hero mentality.

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Format: Paperback

Instill hope, self-efficacy, and ownership in your students

Too often, students sit compliantly in class and aren’t engaged in the learning. Acclaimed speaker and author Aaron Hansen uses compelling stories and a step-by-step framework to help educators become hero makers. These powerful classroom mentors empower students to break free of their self-limiting stories and fixed mindsets and experience a new story of hope, self-efficacy, and ownership as heroes of their learning journeys.

This book will help K–12 teachers and collaborative teams:

  • Access templates and tools to guide metacognitive reflection and assist in students’ self-assessment
  • Be reinspired and rejuvenated in their calling as teachers by true stories of transformation that every educator can relate to
  • Select relevant content with real-world applications that boost student engagement
  • Build self-efficacy and ownership of learning in all students
  • Learn how to use the simple six-step framework for empowering students: (1) clarify learning goals, (2) establish trusting relationships, (3) choose worthy content, (4) facilitate student self-assessment, (5) encourage metacognition, and (6) develop a vision for their future

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Product Code: BKF805

ISBN: 9781945349546

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