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How to Coach Leadership in a PLC

By: Marc Johnson

Through this how-to guide, you'll discover how to expand your leadership capacity in order to drive sustainable progress on your PLC journey.

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How to Coach Leadership in a PLC

Expand your leadership capacity. Through this how-to guide, you'll investigate why strong leadership is a crucial element of successful PLCs and delve deep into what leadership should involve at the district and site levels. Discover leadership strategies for creating a collaborative culture, learn how to build shared values among educators, and explore tools and techniques for monitoring progress on your PLC journey.

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  • Consider tools that can support capacity building in establishing a PLC.
  • Read the steps that Sanger Unified School District took on its PLC journey.
  • Discover the big ideas and foundational questions that frame districtwide PLC work and leadership tasks.
  • Interpret reflections from individuals who participated in and helped lead Sanger Unifieds PLC implementation.

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ISBN: 9781936764419

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