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Not Yet . . . And That’s OK

How Productive Struggle Fosters Student Learning

By: Peg Grafwallner

Every learning challenge is an empowering opportunity to grow. With this teacher-friendly resource, you will learn how to help your students celebrate the academic experience, embrace productive struggle, and deeply value themselves as learners and risk-takers.

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Not Yet . . . And That’s OK

Every learning challenge is an empowering opportunity to grow. In Not Yet . . . And That’s OK, author Peg Grafwallner shares how teachers can help students celebrate the academic experience and all it has to offer. Learn specific ways to cultivate a not-yet classroom where productive struggle is encouraged, obstacles are valued, and students see themselves as capable learners and risk-takers.

  • Learn how to design classrooms and routines that normalize productive struggle as part of the learning process.
  • Discover how to write and apply rigorous learning intentions and scaffolded success criteria that are student friendly.
  • Study classroom scenarios and authentic, firsthand look-insides of educators demonstrating the not-yet approach.
  • Find out how to communicate with colleagues, students, and parents and guardians to foster positive relationships.
  • Receive strategies, protocols, and reproducibles that support instruction, reflection, and the not-yet approach.

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