Personalized Learning in a PLC

Personalized Learning in a PLC

Student Agency Through the Four Critical Questions

By: Timothy S. Stuart, Sascha Heckmann, Mike Mattos, Austin Buffum

Become a progressive school that utilizes PLC-based, student-centered personalized learning to reach essential learning outcomes. Use learning pathways to increase authentic learning, student engagement, and achievement.

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Develop innovative PLC- and RTI-based personalized learning programs

Innovative schools share two common elements: they operate as high-functioning professional learning communities with well-implemented RTI structures, and they have mutual partnerships with students in the learning process. Rely on this resource to help build a learning-progressive school by implementing the foundational elements of PLC, developing an effective system of interventions, and designing a personalized learning program that attains high levels of learning for all.

Use this book to create student-centered learning pathways that drive authentic learning and achievement:

  • Discover how to use the four critical questions of a PLC to form programs for personalized learning in the classroom.
  • Begin the inquiry process through the use of personal reflections provided at the conclusion of each chapter.
  • Understand how the school system has changed over the years and why it is important to address these changes.
  • Explore innovative teaching methods and curriculum-development strategies for achieving different learning outcomes.
  • Learn how schools all over the world have successfully implemented personalized and self-directed learning.

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ISBN: 9781942496595

Published By: Solution Tree

“This thought-provoking book challenges us to reconcile the tension between the personalization that students need and the consistency that collaborative teams require. The authors offer a framework for educators and leaders who want to take the next step with their PLCs.”

Douglas Reeves, Founder, Creative Leadership Solutions

“Deep, meaningful learning is the aim of every school. This book provides the logic, structure, and methodology to bring the best out of teachers and students to allow them to become partners in that journey. This book gives us a glimpse into the school of the future—the school we all want for our own children.”

Anthony Muhammad, Author and Educational Consultant

“Unique and timely. This systematic approach to releasing responsibility of learning to the student is PLC at its highest level.”

Heather Silvia, Principal, Donlin Drive Elementary School, Liverpool, New York

“A very powerful model and concept that clearly articulates the need to harness PLC and RTI for personalized learning.”

Stacy Winslow; Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment; Derry Township School District; Hershey, Pennsylvania

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