Personalized Learning in a PLC

Personalized Learning in a PLC

Student Agency Through the Four Critical Questions

By: Timothy S. Stuart, Sascha Heckmann, Mike Mattos, Austin Buffum

Become a progressive school that utilizes PLC-based, student-centered personalized learning to reach essential learning outcomes. Use learning pathways to increase authentic learning, student engagement, and achievement.

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Develop innovative PLC- and RTI-based personalized learning programs

Innovative schools share two common elements: they operate as high-functioning professional learning communities with well-implemented RTI structures, and they have mutual partnerships with students in the learning process. Rely on this resource to help build a learning-progressive school by implementing the foundational elements of PLC, developing an effective system of interventions, and designing a personalized learning program that attains high levels of learning for all.

Use this book to create student-centered learning pathways that drive authentic learning and achievement:

  • Discover how to use the four critical questions of a PLC to form programs for personalized learning in the classroom.
  • Begin the inquiry process through the use of personal reflections provided at the conclusion of each chapter.
  • Understand how the school system has changed over the years and why it is important to address these changes.
  • Explore innovative teaching methods and curriculum-development strategies for achieving different learning outcomes.
  • Learn how schools all over the world have successfully implemented personalized and self-directed learning.

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