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Charlie Coleman

Charlie Coleman has been a principal at all school levels (traditional K-12, plus alternate, virtual/online and blended learning) in ethnically and socioeconomically diverse communities. He is currently District Principal of Indigenous Education.

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Charlie Coleman

Charlie Coleman has been a principal at all school levels in ethnically and socioeconomically diverse communities. He is currently District Principal of Indigenous Education. In this new role the focus is on equity, inclusion, culture, anti-racism and improved academic results for our Indigenous (Native American) student population (closing the gaps thru PLC & RTI).

Charlie is former principal of Cowichan Secondary School, Quamichan Middle School, and Khowhemun Elementary School, in Duncan, British Columbia. At each school, Charlie helped lead the staff to build a results-oriented Professional Learning Community. He has also been involved with the Ministry of Education School Improvement Project in a variety of elementary, middle, and high school settings. He is a certified staff developer who combines his experience and expertise with an engaging sense of humor in his workshops and presentations.

At Khowhemun, Charlie brought students and staff through challenges familiar to many socioeconomically disadvantaged communities. Four years after he became principal, the percentage of students who met or exceeded expected scores in math and reading increased significantly. At Quamichan Middle School, Charlie’s PLC team markedly increased reading scores and improved transition rates for the vulnerable Aboriginal population. At Cowichan Secondary, Charlie led the team to decrease serious problem behavior and increase graduation rates.

Charlie is coauthor of Pyramid of Behavior Interventions: 7 Keys to Creating a Positive Learning Environment. He has published several articles in the United States and Canada and has served on numerous educational committees and teams. Charlie’s accomplishments earned him the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development Outstanding Young Educator Award. He has also received Canada’s Outstanding Principal Award from The Learning Partnership, and Khowhemun Elementary was named a Top 40 School in Canada by Today’s Parent Magazine.

A firm believer in servant leadership, Charlie uses his knowledge and energy to help other educators achieve great results. In addition, his experience working with urban and Native Canadian (Aboriginal) students translates into practical strategies for helping eliminate achievement gaps in diverse school communities. He earned a master’s degree in education administration and leadership studies and a bachelor’s degree in secondary curriculum from the University of Victoria.

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Presentations by Charlie Coleman

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  • Pyramid of Intervention in a PLC
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  • Reading Intervention in a PLC (Middle and High Schools)
  • Pyramid of Behavior Interventions: Seven Keys to a Positive Learning Environment
  • Building a Positive Behavior Plan as a PLC
  • Building Common Expectations: The Behavior Matrix
  • Kids First: Getting the Right Balance of Relationships, Instruction, and Assessment
  • Creating a Culture of Collaboration

“The presenter was knowledgeable, engaging, and enthusiastic. He provided positive comments to all who made contributions. He's a great role model for all of us. The shared personal and professional experiences were so relevant.”

Ann Hilkert, supervisor of pupil services, Brandywine School District, Delaware

“The way you differentiated and used lecture, PowerPoint, and video kept me engaged! It was fabulous!”

Nicole Boris, teacher, Welch Elementary School, Delaware

“It was impressive and helpful to hear from a principal who made gains in his school by using PLCs. His feedback and suggestions were practical and realistic.”

Tracy N. Roberts, principal, Pulaski Elementary School, Delaware