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Dennis King

Dennis King, EdD, is an assistant professor of education in the doctoral program at Baker University in Kansas. A consultant, he has served in multiple roles, from classroom teacher to assistant superintendent of school improvement.

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Dennis King

Dennis King, EdD, is an assistant professor of education in the doctoral program at Baker University in Kansas. A consultant with experience in alternative education in urban and suburban school districts, Dr. King has served as a classroom teacher, curriculum and instruction assistant principal, high school principal, executive director of school improvement, and assistant superintendent of school improvement. As a high school principal and assistant superintendent, Dr. King implemented the professional learning community process for school improvement at both the school and districts levels, which resulted in outstanding achievement gains.

During his seven-year tenure at Blue Valley High School in Overland Park, Kansas, the National Staff Development Council recognized the school for its 12 Under 12 Network. As an assistant superintendent of school improvement for the Blue Valley School District, Dr. King was responsible for implementing the PLC process in all of the district’s 32 schools. The district aligned the PLC process with its strategic plan for systemic implementation, and all the schools’ achievement gains on both the state and national levels reached all-time highs. The American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC) and Data Quality Campaign recognized Blue Valley as one of 12 best practice districts in the United States.

Dr. King also works with schools and districts in the areas of assessment and pyramid response to intervention. He is passionate about school improvement and his interactive workshops go beyond surface-level understanding as he helps teachers and administrators close the knowing-doing gap for school improvement. He has written for national staff development publications.

Dr. King received a bachelor’s degree from Bethel College, a master’s degree in education from Kansas University, and a doctorate in education from Saint Louis University.

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Presentations by Dennis King

  • Developing a Leadership Team
  • Collaboration, Coordination, and Cooperation
  • Creating Change Through Professional Learning Communities
  • Collaboration: A Key to Effective Teams
  • The District Office and Professional Learning Communities
  • Balanced Assessment: What? Why? How?
  • Leadership, Culture, and Assessment
  • Keys to Effective Assessment Design
  • Grading, Portfolios, and Student-Led Conferences
  • Matching Achievement Targets to Assessment Methods
  • Student-Involved Assessment
  • Selected and Constructed Response Assessment Designs
  • TEAM: Developing Common Assessments
  • Performance Assessments
  • Meaningful Feedback
  • Reporting Learning
  • Examining Student Work
  • Portfolios
  • Grading
  • Student-Led Conferences
  • Assessments OF Learning
  • Bringing It All Together: PLC, Assessment, and RTI
  • Creating the Compelling Reason for RTI
  • Building the RTI Culture for Successful Implementation
  • Evaluating if Interventions Are Best Practice or Popular Practice
  • Identifying Why Students Need Interventions
  • Creating a Collaborative Team for Effective Intervention Implementation
  • Progress Monitoring at the Elementary and Secondary Levels
  • Developing Decision-Making Protocols
  • Linking Assessment to Interventions   
  • Creating an Effective Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 RTI Model

“Awesome! Presenter has lived what he is teaching and can speak to challenges, successes, and rewards. It was an amazing experience—an exciting opportunity for anyone in education.”

Melissa Lewis, principal, Disnard Elementary, New Hampshire

“This presentation was founded in research and had specific ideas for improving instruction for my students. Dr. King is an excellent presenter.”

Patricia Moy, reading coach, Jones Valley Elementary, Alabama

“Dennis was excellent. I was very pleased with his ability to personalize his presentation to our audience.”

Bruce Potter, superintendent, Brentwood Union Free School District, New York