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Nicole Dimich

Nicole Dimich works with elementary and secondary educators in presentations, trainings, and consultations that address today’s most critical issues, all in the spirit of facilitating improved support of student learning.


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Nicole Dimich talks about her experience as a teacher and consultant.

Nicole Dimich

Nicole Dimich has a passion for education and lifelong learning, which has led her to extensively explore, facilitate, and implement innovative practices in school improvement. She works with elementary and secondary educators in presentations, trainings, and consultations that address today’s most critical issues, all in the spirit of facilitating improved support of student learning.

Nicole was a high school reform specialist, where she worked closely with school and district staff to support the implementation of small learning communities. This work included coaching individual and teams of teachers in assessment, literacy, and high expectations for all students. Nicole also helped facilitate and implement a data templates project in collaboration with the University of Minnesota. As training coordinator, she helped elementary and secondary educators design templates to track and analyze data.

A former middle and high school English teacher, Nicole was also a program evaluator and trainer at the Princeton Center for Leadership Training in New Jersey. She produced a training DVD that illustrates a protocol for examining the effectiveness of assessments and student learning. A featured presenter at conferences throughout North America, Nicole empowers educators to build capacity for and implement formative assessment practices, common assessment design and analysis, data-driven decisions, student work protocols, and motivational strategies.

Nicole earned a master of arts in human development from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota and a bachelor of arts in English and psychology from Concordia College. She is pursuing a doctorate.

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Presentations by Nicole Dimich

  • Inspiring and Requiring Learning: The Design and Use of Formative Assessment
  • Designing Quality Assessments
  • Common Assessments: The Process, the Design, and the Use
  • Motivating Students: 25 Strategies of Engagement
  • Fostering Student Investment: How to Get Students Involved in Their Learning
  • Formative and Summative Assessments
  • Data Analysis and Use
  • Unwrapping Standards and Designing Assessments
  • Analyzing Student Work
  • Motivating Students Through Quality Assessment Practice
  • Motivating Disengaged Students
  • Collaborative Teams Coaching

“Nicole is dynamic and knowledgeable!”

Kim Ostertag, teacher, Independence Elementary School, Missouri

“It is obvious how much Nicole prepares and how knowledgeable she is. She also has a great way of presenting material—a very warm and inviting style. I was so moved by some of the things she talked about that I have tried to incorporate them already.”

Tony Jones, teacher, Mahomet-Seymour Junior High, Illinois

“Nicole was very informed on her subject matter and motivated me with her passion for assessments.”

Sharon Thomas, teacher, Becky David Elementary School, Missouri

“Nicole is top-notch! She knows how to balance presentation time with collaborative time, and she connects well with her fellow presenters.”

Jennette Barker, administrator, Henderson Elementary School, Missouri

“Thank you! I wasn’t sure what to expect, trying to be a part of virtual PD with a group this size, but you kept us engaged, and I felt like I was still able to collaborate with colleagues. I love your energy and enthusiasm. You make us feel validated, even though there’s always room for growth.”

Heather Robertson, teacher, Boiling Springs Middle School, South Carolina

“I was able to gain plenty of information to take back with me to my classroom and students. I can’t wait to use the effective feedback strategies and all of the phases in crafting an assessment. Nicole did an awesome job. She made these past two days fun with breakout rooms and team time and polls. The collaboration was amazing.”

Ebony Green, teacher, Chesnee Middle School, South Carolina