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Gynelle Gaskell

Gynelle Gaskell is an instructional coach and consultant. She works with schools to improve mathematics instruction and build teacher leadership capacity through professional development and coaching.

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Gynelle Gaskell

Gynelle Gaskell is an instructional coach and mathematics consultant. Previously, she served as an elementary classroom teacher and K–8 mathematics coach. Her focus is on development of instructional practices that allow students to engage meaningfully in the content of Common Core State Standards through the mathematical practices. Additional supporting areas of focus include developing and using formative assessments to differentiate instruction and writing curriculum to ensure rigorous mathematical experiences.

Gynelle has worked with various leadership teams, both nationally and internationally, to develop and implement mathematics professional development plans through ongoing data collection, professional development sessions, coaching, and parent education. She has been involved in several rollouts and implementations of Common Core State Standards and resource adoptions.

She has presented at East Asia Regional Councils of Schools (EARCOS) and is a current member of National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (NCSM) and National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM).

Gynelle earned a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction, holds a Linguistically Diverse Educators certificate, and is certified as a math specialist in international schools. Additional training and certification includes Cognitive Coaching Seminars foundation training, K–5 Math Perspectives Workshops, and NCSM leadership seminar training.

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Presentations by Gynelle Gaskell

  • Standards for Mathematical Practices in Action
  • Differentiating Math Tasks to Meet the Needs of All Learners
  • Using a Workshop Model in the Mathematics Classroom
  • Using Concrete and Pictorial Representations to Develop Conceptual Understanding
  • Supporting Students to Develop Fact Fluency