Daily Differentiation Strategies for the Classroom

Discover how to hone in on students’ learning needs to help them reach their fullest potential.

  • Explore various lesson plans and activities.
  • Unite curriculum design, assessment, and instruction through the lens of differentiation.

Implementing Culturally Responsive Instruction

Support underserved students using culturally and linguistically responsive teaching across content areas and grade levels.

  • Examine strategies and techniques for culturally and linguistically responsive teaching.
  • Access sample activities that can be used in classrooms immediately.

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You want to . . .

  • Develop instructional practices that engage, empower, and motivate all students.
  • Connect data analysis to instructional practices.
  • Effectively teach special education students, English learners, and high-achieving individuals.
  • Examine current practices, and identify areas for improvement.

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Our experts are well versed in creating an environment that maximizes student learning. They’ll help you develop high-yield strategies for assessing student knowledge, interests, and preferences. Learn how to modify your presentation style to engage students more effectively. Discover seamless differentiated instruction integration, including best practices, classroom strategies, and troubleshooting techniques.

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