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Susan Olsen Stevens

Susan Olsen Stevens is an educator with experience that spans private, public, and international schools. Her mission is to inspire joy in reading and writing as a way to communicate important ideas.

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Susan Olsen Stevens

Susan Olsen Stevens is an educator based out of Saint Augustine, Florida, with experience that spans private, public, and international schools, as well as homeschool. Susan’s 31 years of teaching are roughly divided into halves: she spent one half teaching grades preK–12 art, including AP levels, and the other half teaching grades 3–12 English language arts. Susan served as curriculum coordinator for early childhood through middle school at Country Day School in Costa Rica and was a language arts curriculum team leader at both Country Day School and International American Academy in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Her mission as a teacher is to inspire a joyous exuberance in learning—especially in reading conjoined with writing as a way to learn and communicate important ideas.

Susan has written two educational books: Dr. Goodreader: Teach Readers How to Diagnose and Cure Reading “Clunks” Through Metacognition and The Little Golden Book of Metacognition. Susan has also given popular professional development workshops and classes on problem solving in reading and writing, metacognition and reading, literacy across the disciplines, and storytelling in the classroom using Dr. Goodreader.

Susan graduated from the University of Toledo in Ohio with a bachelor’s degree in education, received a master’s degree in Christian education from Logos University in Jacksonville, Florida, and a master’s degree in literacy from University of New England. She passionately pursues professional learning through her continued reading and the courses she takes.