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The Collaborative Team Plan Book for PLCs at Work®

By: Kim Bailey, Chris Jakicic

Access forty weekly planning pages, succinct summaries of professional learning community (PLC) concepts, and many more tools that will help you and your team thrive throughout the year. This plan book, which contains many reproducible forms, helps teacher teams foster collaboration.

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A plan book for fostering collaboration among teacher teams in a professional learning community

Designed exclusively for teacher teams, this plan book is a one-stop shop for practical PLC information and resources. Inside its pages, you’ll find everything your team needs to thrive from the first day of school to the last. Access forty weekly planning pages, in-depth examples, succinct summaries of PLC concepts, and many more tools that will support your daily collaborative work of championing learning for all.

  • Review the foundational components of the professional learning communities (PLC) process, such as establishing norms, setting SMART goals, and developing common assessments.
  • Improve team planning and organization.
  • Utilize many reproducible forms and tools to improve collaboration and to collect and organize information.
  • Recognize the positive cultural shifts that occur for teams that follow the PLC process.
  • Explore additional resources to help deepen your knowledge of the work of collaborative teams.

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ISBN: 9781951075637

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