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A Blueprint for Belonging

Building a Positive School Culture From the Ground Up

By: Morgane Michael

Equip educators with a toolbox of clear, concise, and practical strategies to foster a school culture of belonging and positivity. Author Morgane Michael empowers leaders and classroom teachers to construct a school environment that is welcoming and inclusive, providing a strong foundation for student social-emotional and academic success.

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Format: Paperback

Research-backed practical strategies to foster classroom belonging

Fostering a sense of belonging in schools creates a positive effect, boosting student success, teacher morale, and overall well-being. Using this research-based guide, educators can address challenging (but rewarding) social-emotional dynamics to help their school or district thrive. Packed with proven, practical strategies and actionable steps, this book sets the foundation for an inclusive, positive, and restorative school community.

K–12 teachers, coaches, and administrators will:

  • Learn the impact a feeling of belonging has on teachers and students
  • Promote a culture of positivity with supportive daily practices
  • Recognize and address bias to foster an inclusive school environment
  • Set the foundation for a welcoming school with practical strategies and action steps
  • Understand the elements of the BUILD acronym—boundaries, understanding, integrity, listening, and dependability

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