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Building Bonds With Learners

The Teacher-Student Relationship Model

By: Patricia Erbe

Create more meaningful teaching experiences using the principles and methodology of the TSR model. Through research and experience, author Patricia Erbe provides a concrete plan educators can use to improve teacher-student relationships and promote better educational outcomes for their students.

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Practical strategies for building successful teacher-student relationships

Positive relationships between teachers and students can make all the difference in promoting academic, social, and emotional success. The author presents K–12 teachers with a practical teacher-student relationship (TSR) methodology for purposefully forming these vital connections. Educators can learn to harness the power of relationships and foster a sense of belonging, leading to fewer academic and behavioral challenges and equity gaps.

This book will help K–12 teachers:

  • Realize student perspectives and how they affect teacher-student relationships
  • Create more meaningful teaching experiences and more powerful professional habits
  • See how positive teacher-student relationships foster academic success
  • Understand the importance of using effective communication and building a classroom community where students feel accepted
  • Discover practical ways for building bonds with students who are facing academic challenges and promote a more inclusive classroom
  • Reveal their teacher “brand” and how it can foster student connections

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Additional Information

Product Code: BKG170, EKF714

ISBN: 9781960574169

Published By: Solution Tree

“Through insightful anecdotes and research-backed strategies, Patricia Erbe navigates educators through the nuanced dance of teaching, emphasizing the importance of intentional relationship cultivation at every step. This indispensable resource empowers educators to create inclusive, supportive environments where students thrive academically, socially, and emotionally both inside and outside the classroom.”

Griffin Gervais, founder, Come Home; Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Educator

“The teacher-student relationship model provides a practical approach to making lasting impressions, empathizing, building communication, nurturing connections, and supporting diverse learners. I highly recommend this for reflective educators and book studies in schools.”

Jorge Valenzuela, educational coach, Lifelong Learning Defined

“This book has great insight into the nature of building relationships with students. Patricia Erbe does a wonderful job highlighting that the effort it takes to make relationships varies by grade level.”

Kristen Gibson, instructional specialist, Pasadena Independent School District, Texas

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