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30+ Movement Strategies to Boost Cognitive Engagement

Activating Minds and Bodies to Maximize Student Learning

By: Rebecca Stobaugh

Discover the joy and power of truly embodied learning. This book of instructional strategies by best-selling author Rebecca Stobaugh helps K–12 teachers create a culture of engagement that is not only fun for students and teachers alike but also effective in making the learning stick.

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Instructional strategies that integrate movement in the classroom to maximize student engagement

Research shows student movement in the classroom is integral to improving cognitive engagement. But how do you integrate movement and instruction seamlessly and effectively? Author Rebecca Stobaugh guides the way with research-backed strategies utilizing classroom design, class climate, and classroom management. Explore a variety of ways to reimagine your teaching practices and get your students moving while they are actively learning.

This book will help K–12 educators:

  • Implement movement-based activities to improve student engagement
  • Create a classroom climate that models safety and belonging for all students
  • Utilize various strategies for students to participate in pairs, groups, and teams
  • Understand the research behind cognitive engagement and embodied learning
  • Explore the concept of movement integration in the classroom

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ISBN: 9781954631755

Published By: Solution Tree

“A fresh take on engagement that focuses on movement and differentiation! Rebecca Stobaugh’s book elevates well-known strategies by showing teachers how to adapt them for their grade level, content area, and diverse student populations. This is your guide to creating an active learning environment that engages all students.”

Rachel Swearengin, fifth-grade teacher, Manchester Park Elementary School, Kansas

30+ Movement Strategies to Boost Cognitive Engagement offers helpful tools for teachers to engage students who have grappled with COVID-19 and the challenges of virtual learning. The movement-based strategies in this book equip students with diverse needs to embrace cognitively demanding tasks.”

Alexander J. Fangman, principal, Summit View Academy, Kentucky

“All teachers, no matter their subject area, will benefit from the wealth of strategies in this book. Stobaugh’s biggest strength is in crafting real-world examples that show readers how to customize active learning for their particular context.”

Tom Krawczewicz, director of faculty resources, DeMatha Catholic High School, Maryland