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Growing Tomorrow’s Citizens in Today’s Classrooms

Assessing Seven Critical Competencies

By: Nicole Dimich, Cassandra Erkens, Tom Schimmer

Promote student mastery of essential 21st century skills, including collaboration, critical and creative thinking, digital citizenship, and more. Learn the qualities of the most important soft skills and how we can assess and measure them.

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Teaching strategies for soft skills and 21st-century-skills assessment methods

Rapid innovation is transforming the way people think, work, and connect. For students to succeed today, they must acquire the knowledge and 21st century skills required for college and career readiness. Practical and research-based, this resource will help you design meaningful, relevant skill assessment and instruction that promotes student mastery of critical competencies, including collaboration, problem-solving and critical thinking skills, creative thinking skills, communication skills, digital citizenship, self-regulation, and more.

Use the most effective practices for teaching soft skills to increase college and career readiness:

  • Explore the seven critical competencies necessary for success in the 21st century.
  • Become familiar with good habits of mind, and pass those habits on to students to support their soft skill development.
  • Learn how to teach critical thinking and other 21st century skills by facilitating learning that will develop the critical competencies in students.
  • Develop powerful and effective soft skill assessment methods, such as student self-assessments, that will test student levels of competency in the seven critical areas.
  • Access free reproducibles to supplement your understanding of the text and facilitate the book’s content in the classroom.

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Product Code: BKF765, EKF360

ISBN: 9781943874729

Published By: Solution Tree

Page Count: 304

Growing Tomorrow’s Citizens in Today’s Classrooms is a timely, relevant, and engaging resource that seamlessly combines multiple learning paradigms with seven critical competencies that students must have to succeed in the 21st century. It realistically unifies and balances research with practical applications and strategies that educators can put to use immediately in their classrooms.”

Laura M. Greenstein, founder, Assessment Network

Growing Tomorrow’s Citizens in Today’s Classrooms is a must-read for every forward-driven educator. This comprehensive guide promotes self-regulation, efficacy, and hope as three essential components that all schools must focus on as they build happiness agency for all learners. It provides research to support the shift, as well as the road map to get there, fostering realistic opportunities for achievement for all learners.”

Kristina MacBury, educator, author, and chief educational officer, educate4hope