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The SNAP Solution

An Innovative Math Assessment Tool for Grades K–8

By: Kirk Savage, Jonathan Ferris, Tom Hierck

Discover student numeracy assessment and practice (SNAP)—a practical approach to help classroom teachers evaluate number sense. With its simple and reliable method, K–8 math teachers can quickly implement SNAP in their daily teaching practices and ignite a sense of wonder and thinking for math in their students.

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Format: Paperback

A step-by-step framework for implementing the SNAP

Changing students’ attitudes about math and assessing number sense begins with shifting the teacher’s attitude and approach. Learn how the authors dispel the common myth that student apathy in mathematics class is inevitable. Math teachers can use the student numeracy assessment and practice (SNAP) approach to address the five strands of mathematical proficiency, promote thinking, and ignite a sense of wonder in their students.

K–8 teachers can utilize this book to:

  • Use the SNAP approach to help students learn number sense
  • Address each SNAP skill from kindergarten, primary, and intermediate teachers’ perspectives
  • Apply the SNAP method within the response to intervention model
  • Learn the five strands of mathematical proficiency aligned with each SNAP skill
  • Access templates and other resources

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ISBN: 9781960574763

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