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Their Stories, Their Voices

Using Personal Narrative to Empower Student Writers, Grades 6–12

By: Kourtney Hake, Paige Timmerman

This book helps secondary education teachers understand what personal narrative looks like, how it can empower student writers to create authentic writing, and how it allows students to use their own voices while writing in other genres. Find helpful unit examples and ways to include personal narratives in analytical writing.

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Format: Paperback

A step-by-step framework for personal narrative writing

Personal narrative writing has taken a backseat to other forms of writing in the classroom, such as research essays and literary analysis. Kourtney Hake and Paige Timmerman share a step-by-step, build-your-own framework that helps students excel in writing, showing how personal narrative harnesses students’ natural urge to tell stories.

This book helps grades 6–12 English language arts teachers:

  • Approach writing instruction in a scientific way
  • Learn how to hold a workshop, allowing student writers to explore and receive feedback
  • Take advantage of three-, four-, and five-week unit plans by trying them in their own classrooms
  • Use personal narrative in sensitive ways while considering student trauma, diversity of voices, and applicability to all learners
  • Help students understand how they can use words to inform others, analyze difficult questions, persuade others to make changes for good and facilitate valuable reflection

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ISBN: 9781960574220

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