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A Mind for Mathematics

Meaningful Teaching and Learning in Elementary Classrooms

By: Nanci N. Smith

This easy-to-read text combines research, practical strategies, and examples from K–6 classrooms that will inspire and engage mathematical minds.

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A Mind for Mathematics

What does it take to be a good mathematics teacher who actively engages students and addresses learning differences? This easy-to-read text breaks down the complex components of mathematics teaching and divides them into practical strategies. Combining research, useful tactics, and examples from K–6 classrooms, the book includes reflection questions, action tasks, and activities to inspire and engage mathematical minds.

  • Examine the aspects of instruction, assessment, and learning that must be cultivated in order to develop mathematical minds.
  • Gain a mental picture of the essential elements of an effective mathematics classroom.
  • Observe specific classroom examples and vignettes that illustrate the concepts covered in each chapter.
  • Answer reflection questions to help relate the strategies in the book to those in the classroom.
  • Perform call-to-action tasks that will help you take the next essential steps in teaching mathematics.
  • Get advice on balancing teaching responsibilities and making sound plans for teaching mathematics.

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Product Code: BKF724

ISBN: 9781943874002

Published By: Solution Tree

“In A Mind for Mathematics, Smith provides a comprehensive and challenging journey, but it is important to know that she is also a teacher’s teacher. She is a master teacher, coach, and trainer who understands this important work from the inside out, and she makes this book accessible because of her passion for how mathematics can open new worlds that are relevant, genuinely intriguing, and that increase mathematical success for all students.”

Mark Boyer, assistant superintendent for learning

“In A Mind for Mathematics, Nanci Smith offers an easy-to-read, easy-to-implement book to help teachers navigate the teaching of K–6 mathematics. She not only provides great task-selection approaches and classroom strategies but also the research and practice base on which these approaches are founded. The belief in meaningful, important mathematics taught and learned with understanding by all students comes across as very achievable through her many practical strategies.

Billie Earl Sparks, PhD, professor of mathematics, emeritus, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

“In A Mind for Mathematics, Nanci Smith has written a must-have book for classroom teachers who want to bring enthusiasm and excitement into their mathematics lessons! This teacher-friendly book illuminates the pathway for teachers to create classrooms where students are actively engaged in learning. Each chapter addresses a specific question or topic that most of us face as mathematics teachers, as well as supporting research. This is not a mathematics textbook but rather a 'how do I make my classroom come alive when I teach mathematics?' handbook. When using this book, teachers will feel the author coaching from the side, urging them along and reassuring them. I am so happy that Smith finally wrote this book. If you ever attended one of her workshops, you always leave wanting more! And now, it is here! A Mind for Mathematics is the handbook for teachers and administrators on teaching and learning mathematics.”

Regina Newman, retired mathematics teacher and director of mathematics, North Shore Schools, New York

“Every teacher of mathematics, from the elementary grades to the university level, should read this book and act on its recommendations. The result will likely be engaged students, enhanced learning, and more confident problem solvers for life.”

Jay McTighe, coauthor, Understanding by Design®

A Mind for Mathematics is about teaching mathematics in rich, meaningful ways—and doing so while proactively contributing to the success of a wide array of learners. Rooted in the considerable classroom experience of the author, this book provides clear and actionable guidance for teaching mathematics, accompanied by examples that make the ideas visible. This is a stellar resource for teachers who aspire to make mathematics a positive force in the minds and lives of their students.”

Carol Ann Tomlinson, EdD, William Clay Parrish, Jr. Professor, University of Virginia