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Raising the Rigor

Effective Questioning Strategies and Techniques for the Classroom

By: Eileen Depka

Discover questioning techniques proven to enhance critical thinking and 21st century skills, deepen student engagement, and improve college and career readiness. This user-friendly guide provides templates, surveys, and checklists for planning instruction, unpacking standards, and increasing rigor in the classroom.

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Questioning techniques for increasing rigor in the classroom

The skillful use of questioning techniques has the power to enhance students' critical thinking skills, deepen their engagement, and better prepare them for college and careers. This book shares questioning techniques that educators can use to respond to students' diverse needs while maintaining rigor and relevance. Teach students questioning strategies via Socratic circles and Bloom's taxonomy to build connections between students and their conceptual understanding. Explore example situations, and use templates and student-engagement strategies to encourage advanced discussions, collaboration, and risk-taking in the classroom.

Learn questioning techniques that will aid you in increasing rigor in the classroom:

  • Discover how questioning can promote the traits that students need for college and career readiness.
  • Examine instructional practices and examples of rigor in the classroom you can use to respond to students as they develop 21st century skills and conceptual understanding.
  • Explore how to deconstruct standards and standards-based questions to write quality questions that align with the expected levels of complexity.
  • Create a classroom climate that fosters collaboration and constructive discussions, teaches higher-order thinking skills, and increases student engagement.
  • Use templates, surveys, and checklists to plan instruction, deconstruct academic standards, assess student engagement, and collect data.

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Product Code: BKF722

ISBN: 9781942496984

Published By: Solution Tree

Page Count: 128

“Depka provides a powerful, common-sense approach to what matters most in the classroom: building meaningful assessments and charting a path that will ensure teachers and students are empowered for success.”

Tony Frontier, associate professor and author, Cardinal Stritch University, Wisconsin

Raising the Rigor provides teachers at all grade levels an easy and practical way to raise the level of thinking that goes on in their classrooms on a daily basis.”

Brady Reinke, principal, Ronald Reagan Elementary School, Wisconsin

“In Raising the Rigor, Eileen Depka’s clear communication style makes the ideas of strengthening questions for use in the classroom and assessments easy to understand. ”

Kathy Dyer, Manager of Innovation and Learning, Professional Learning at NWEA

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