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Tim Brown

Tim Brown, an educational speaker and author, has 30 years of experience in education. As principal of elementary, middle, and high schools in Missouri, he led each to become a successful professional learning community.


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Tim Brown

Watch Tim Brown describe the importance of a shared belief system.

Tim Brown, a consultant, has 30 years of experience in education. As principal of elementary, middle, and high schools in Missouri, he led each to become a successful professional learning community. These PLCs feature highly collaborative environments where clear goals, formative assessment, analyzing data, practicing differentiated instruction, and providing interventions and enrichment have resulted in increased student achievement.

Tim’s middle school was recognized as a Missouri Gold Star School. His last school, a high-poverty elementary school where 87 percent of students qualified for free or reduced lunch, was recognized as one of Missouri’s Most Improved Schools and as an Exemplary Practices School. In 2005, Tim was honored by his peers as Missouri’s Distinguished Elementary Principal.

Tim holds a bachelor’s degree in special education from the University of Central Arkansas, as well as master’s and specialist degrees in educational administration from Missouri State University.

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Presentations by Tim Brown

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  • Creating a Climate of High Expectations: It's a Collaborative Thing
  • From Storming to Performing: Transforming School Culture Through Our Strengths
  • Celebrating Success in Learning
  • Accentuate the Positive
  • Connecting the Dots: Teamwork, Essential Outcomes, and Student Engagement
  • Developing Collective Commitments: A Common Language for Curriculum, Assessment, Instruction, and Intervention
  • Aligning Schoolwide Grading Practices to Learning
  • Formative Assessment: An Engagement Process
  • Using Data to Inform Our Practices
  • The Power of Student Self-Efficacy: We Can Build It Through Teamwork
  • Student Data Notebooks: The Power of Students Tracking Their Own Learning
  • Student Engagement in the Assessment Process
  • From Dysfunction to Highly Functioning Teams: Dealing With Conflict on a Team

“Tim Brown is an energetic, articulate presenter who brings his experience to professional development, shares honestly, and challenges the audience to go beyond and consider doing things differently and more effectively on behalf of student learning—all with humor and empathy.”

Sheila Haverkampf, director of special services, Beecher Road School, Connecticut

“This professional development engaged me the entire time! Tim Brown is a magnificent speaker, and I enjoyed his presentation!”

Melissa Watson, teacher, Powell Elementary School, Tennessee

“I love the fact that Tim has actually been in schools in all grade levels and knows, as an educator, what it's like in classrooms.”

Tamarah Lottman, teacher, Dennett Road Elementary School, Maryland

“I really enjoyed and appreciated the presenter's honest, constructive, and motivational approach. It was invigorating to participate with peers and equally important to have an objective/outside evaluation to confirm personal and professional goals.”

Patrice Seiler, teacher, Edith I. Starke Elementary School, Florida