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I’m Listening

How Teacher-Student Relationships Improve Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening

By: Beth Pandolpho

Rely on I’m Listening to help you drive deeper, more meaningful learning by integrating relationship building into lesson design. Increase student engagement with social-emotional learning to create a positive learning environment.

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Drive student engagement and empower learners through teacher-student relationships

Rely on I’m Listening to help you drive deeper, more meaningful learning by integrating relationship building into lesson design. Written by practitioner Beth Pandolpho, this resource outlines how to foster a sense of belonging while also maintaining the integrity of the content. Using the book’s practical strategies will help you empower learners to succeed at all subjects by being proficient readers, writers, speakers, and listeners.

  • Explore the importance and benefits of building strong relationships with students and discover the direct link to academic performance.
  • Study the research and theories that support the assertion that robust teacher-student relationships create a better learning environment.
  • Acquire dozens of tools and strategies for building camaraderie with students and developing strong literacy skills in students.
  • Learn how to bolster students’ speaking and listening skills, which are rarely addressed, and see how activities intersect with common standards.
  • Read in-depth real-world anecdotes from teachers who share their activities and experiences.

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Additional Information

Product Code: BKF926

ISBN: 9781949539394

Published By: Solution Tree

“If you like the work of John Hattie, Carol S. Dweck, Mike Schmoker, or Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe, you’re going to love this text. As a classroom teacher, I can say that there are so many practical nuggets and implementable strategies here that teachers of all grades can use. As a consultant and instructional coach, I can say that Pandolpho’s book should be required reading for all teachers and administrators who care about improving learning. And as an education writer, I can say I wish I’d written this book. It gets at the essence of why great teachers are the ones that make us feel safe, challenged, and worthy. This is a book bursting with ideas and heart.”

Alexis Wiggins, Founder and Director, Cohort of Educators for Essential Learning

“Beth Pandolpho’s I'm Listening is full of actionable advice that teachers across grades 6–12 can use immediately to foster students’ reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills—but she begins with detailed ideas on the most important task: how to lay the right foundation by building strong relationships in the classroom.”

Tom Berger, Executive Editor, Edutopia

“Practical and inspirational, I’m Listening weaves teacher and student narratives to place connection at the center of student learning. Beth Pandolpho offers a wealth of research-based and teacher-tested strategies to integrate relationship building into lesson design, creating a classroom climate that is both nurturing and academically rigorous.”

Margaret Dunne, English Teacher, Great Neck South High School, New York

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