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Up to the Challenge

Teaching Resilience and Responsibility in the Classroom

By: Jay Jackson

How do you build resilience in students? This timely resource lets educators take a deep dive into growth mindset learning to confront challenges and promote perseverance and grit. With passion and purpose, author Jay Jackson equips teachers with the tools they need to inspire happy children.

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An impactful resource that demonstrates how to build resilience in the classroom

Drive students to confront life's challenges and move toward excellence. This timely resource lets educators take a deep dive into self-awareness, integrity, courage, commitment, and grit to explore how a deliberate commitment to building character informs student success. With passion and purpose, author Jay Jackson blends personal challenges and achievements to equip teachers with tools to improve their students’ resilience.

School leaders and teachers will:

  • Utilize tools to assist students in understanding performance character
  • Empower students in the face of challenges
  • Take initiative to improve student mindsets
  • Reflect on their role as an educator and their own approach to hardship

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Product Code: BKG076

ISBN: 9781954631212

Published By: Solution Tree

“Jay Jackson does an excellent job emphasizing the importance of key topics and skills educators should cover in schools to ensure preK–12 students develop performance character to address their challenges and understand strengths regarding academics, social and emotional needs, and career and college readiness.”

Rachel Geesa, associate clinical professor of educational leadership, Ball State University, Indiana

“Social-emotional learning is quickly becoming a priority in our education system. This book provides the tools and discussion topics to help facilitate a healthy and robust dialogue between adults and students in their school environment.”

Nancy Petolick, instructional coach and reading specialist, Sandbrock Ranch Elementary, Texas

“If we want to see these performance characters play out in the lives of our students, they must first begin with us educators. This book gives great tools but also challenges every educator to make sure we are being the best we can be.”

Kelli Fuller, instructional facilitator, Howard Perrin Elementary School, Arkansas