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Breaking With Tradition Book Study

This book study will prepare educators to better meet the needs of all learners in their district, building, or classroom—replacing traditional, ineffective practices with a new model that fosters personalized, student-centered learning.

Mondays beginning July 13 through August 10, Fridays August 21 & 28


Time: 1:00 p.m. EDT

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Drive personalized, student-centered change in your school or district

Forty-nine of 50 states currently have policies around moving their state to a competency-based system of learning, recognizing the need to adequately prepare learners for a changing world. Competency is the ability to apply or transfer learning, rather than just the rote memorization of facts. Critical, innovative thinking and problem-solving are crucial components to a strong education, and a focus on capturing evidence of learning anywhere, anytime is crucial—whether in school with teachers or at home, learning can happen. Join Jonathan Vander Els and Brian Stack for a reflective, personalized, and guided book study on their book, Breaking With Tradition: The Shift to Competency-Based Learning in PLCs at Work®, to learn more about how you can facilitate the move to better meeting the needs of ALL learners in your district, building, or classroom.

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Number of sessions: 6


  • Monday, July 13 | Chapter 1: Introduction and Overview of the Design Principles
  • Monday, July 20 | Chapters 2 and 3: PLCs at Work, and Developing Competencies and Essential Standards
  • Monday, July 27 | Chapters 4 and 5: Competency-based grading, and a balanced assessment system
  • Monday, August 10 | Chapters 6 and 7: Supporting all learners (intervention and extension), and supporting the change process
  • Friday, August 21 | Chapter 8: Design Rubrics
  • Friday, August 28 | Next steps (readers should self-assess using the revised school design rubric tool)

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Do you offer certification or proof of attendance?
Yes, certificates are emailed to all attendees approximately one week after the end of the book study.

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