Responding to ESSA: What State, District, and School Leaders Can Do RIGHT NOW

Responding to ESSA: What State, District, and School Leaders Can Do RIGHT NOW


Responding to ESSA: What State, District, and School Leaders Can Do RIGHT NOW

The PLC at Work™ process is not an add-on initiative in response to accountability under ESSA; it is essential to a strong district plan that fully realizes the opportunities that ESSA’s flexible and constructive accountability provides. By utilizing the powerful, proven process of PLC at Work™, schools and educational systems will have unprecedented opportunity to transform accountability into a highly effective learning system. This is what will distinguish the next generation of ESSA plans from those that have simply copied the test/reward/punishment model of the last 16 years.

Join PLC at Work™ champion Rebecca DuFour and education thought leader Douglas Reeves as they answer questions and offer insight into how educators can truly transform schools by responding to ESSA with the PLC at Work™ process.

By attending this webinar, you will:

  • Gain clarity on ESSA legislation—what it requires, as well as the freedom and opportunity it provides
  • Learn how the PLC at Work™ framework perfectly aligns with the demands and opportunities of ESSA
  • Develop a full understanding of how teachers’ and leaders’ actions are linked to student achievement, and how to make this a catalyst for positive change
  • Explore a case study that offers concrete evidence of effectiveness of the PLC at Work™ process as a response to ESSA

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