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Alexander McNeece

Alexander McNeece is director of instruction and state and federal grants for Garden City School District in Michigan. He is also a children’s book author and award-winning former principal of Douglas Elementary School.

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Alexander McNeece

Alexander McNeece is director of instruction and state and federal grants for Garden City School District in Michigan. He is also a children’s book author and award-winning former principal of Douglas Elementary School. He and his staff used the concepts and vocabulary from Anthony Muhammad’s book Transforming School Culture to move from being labeled a failing school in 2006 to making adequate yearly progress every year since and receiving an A grade on the Michigan EdYes assessment in 2010. Dr. McNeece strives to eliminate the achievement gap by using motivational reading material, developing a school culture of writing, and integrating 21st-century technology into every facet of his teachers’ teaching and his students’ learning.

Video production and media literacy are also focal points of Dr. McNeece’s career. As a teacher, he integrated video production with the Michigan English Language Arts Curriculum, culminating with his students writing, acting, directing, and editing their own feature-length film, which was released at a local movie theater. His school pioneered a video-production intervention program for struggling students called The Douglas Show. That program and the hard work of his teaching staff led to the elimination of student retention at their school; 100 percent of the school’s students were academically successful from 2008 to 2010.

Dr. McNeece is the author of Sam Iver: Imminent Threat and Read to Me, Daddy: My First Football Book and coauthor of Ryan and Ruby Go to Kindergarten. He holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree from Michigan State University and a doctorate from Eastern Michigan University.

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“All educators will benefit from McNeece’s practical strategies and tools in this book [Loving What They Learn: Research-Based Strategies to Increase Student Engagement]. Our school had the opportunity to work with McNeece last year. Our school discipline [issues] decreased by 8 percent. Currently, we have twenty-six fewer discipline referrals than we had at this time last year. I attribute that to our work with McNeece.”

Pam Dean, principal, Park Avenue Elementary, Arkansas

“This session allowed me to reflect on the view from the student in our virtual world. I asked the question of what artifacts are used in our environment and at our school. This was a great challenge for me. It was a good perspective to take as OCA attempts to develop a better school culture for our students. Great resources.”

Katy Brennan, assistant principal, Ohio Connections Academy High School, Ohio

“Breakout rooms were very beneficial with only four people in a room. Real discussions were possible, and everyone got to have input. Wonderful presentation style with great connections with the audience. Worked really well, even with over 100 participants.”

Sabine Claster, assistant director of special education, Georgia Connections Academy, Georgia

“Personal stories demonstrated your cultural values, then you shared beliefs about how to create a strong culture, followed by meaningful collaboration in breakout sessions. Your passion and purpose were evident. Thanks for the time to interact also. Thank you for using the tool effectively and with ease. It helped the session to run smoothly and productively for all.”

Jane Swan, CEO, Reach Cyber Charter School