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Launching and Consolidating Unstoppable Learning

Edited by: Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey

By: Alexander McNeece

Explore the launching and consolidating elements of the Unstoppable Learning model. Cultivate meaningful student engagement by understanding the theories and teaching strategies of learner autonomy, motivation, self-determination, and participation in the classroom.

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Student Engagement Strategies to Support Growth Mindsets and Increase Learner Autonomy

Adopted by educators worldwide, the Unstoppable Learning model includes seven elements of teaching and learning: (1) planning, (2) launching, (3) consolidating, (4) assessing, (5) adapting, (6) managing, and (7) leading. This book offers strategies for launching (introducing content and hooking students) and consolidating (facilitating students’ comprehension) to help readers cultivate and increase meaningful, student-centered learning.

Learn classroom management strategies to support students’ mindsets for engagement and their need for autonomy:

  • Become familiar with the student engagement mindset continuum and gain classroom management strategies that help establish a growth mindset for students.
  • Understand the theories of self-determination, participation, and motivation for students.
  • Consider differentiated instruction and classroom scenarios that increase participation and intrinsic motivation for students during a lesson launch.
  • Boost competency and learning consolidation by tapping into student engagement strategies designed specifically for different kinds of students.
  • Learn how to monitor bias, which can negatively affect motivation for students who are struggling.
  • Focus on student-centered learning to help students relate to content, and learn when and where to differentiate instruction to provide more learner autonomy.

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Product Code: BKF740

ISBN: 9781945349850

Published By: Solution Tree

Page Count: 136

“Alex McNeece brilliantly makes the Unstoppable Learning process easily accessible to practitioners. His insight into student mindset helps every teacher assess the impact of this instructional framework on each learner. Any fan of Fisher and Frye’s work will understand that this book is a perfect companion piece.”

Anthony Muhammad, educational consultant and author

“If you are looking to hook all learners on their learning, regardless of their mindset, this is a must-read book for you. McNeece presents compelling classroom examples where educators have created high levels of student engagement for all learners by framing classroom experiences through the lens of launching and consolidating learning.”

Sheila Alles, EdS, interim state superintendent, Michigan Department of Education