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Powerful Strategies to Promote Positive Behavior

By: Allen N. Mendler

Counter negative student behavior with positive actions that preserve dignity. This resource provides 60 powerful, proven strategies for reaching challenging students.

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MORE What Do I Do When . . . ?

This practical and easy-to-use resource addresses the need for strategies to effectively handle challenging students, and contains an ample supply of tips for handling a wide variety of challenging situations that virtually every educator will face. The proven strategies and methods of prevention and intervention preserve the dignity of the student while promoting positive behavior.

  • Learn innovative strategies for welcoming students and establishing effective rules and consequences.
  • Examine successful problem-solving methods.
  • Discover how to help students through difficult situations.
  • Study proven methods for motivating students.
  • Find the answers to frequently asked questions about classroom behavior.

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Product Code: BKF231

ISBN: 9781934009437

Page Count: 184

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